Lose Bumps Lose Lumps


My name is Oswald S. Copeland and my interest in health goes back some 4 decades and it started out with my aversion to seafood. I hate the smell and therefore I could not eat it. So at the tender age of 8, my parents had to find an alternative way to feed my brain, so I can be successful in my studies. The answer was fruits and nuts. To this day I still HATE seafood. Over the years I expanded my interest in tree grown foods. I grew up drinking all kinds of herb teas, so on becoming an adult, my studies covered fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs. I began carrying out experiments using my own body, and watching how the various combinations affected me. Health and beauty became more and more important because of the careers I have had over the years, requiring me to be in front of people all the time. Whether face to face with an entertainment personality as Stevie Wonder, a politician, the level of a Prime Minister, making a television commercial or sitting in someone’s living room giving an explanation.

I was concerned that my face did not have blotches, dark spots or razor bumps. My weight should be under control so that my clothes fit right and incidentally, I play tennis, hence my energy level had to be of such to sustain a grind for 4 hours on the court, whether it be singles or doubles.

My studies and experiments finally led me to develop products which would help me to ensure that I could keep and maintain my desired look and performance.


Born in 1946, I started shaving at 16. I have always been before audiences, doing recitals, part of the school choir, as a teacher in elementary school, a lecturer in religious circles, a broadcaster, in my South American birth place of then, British Guiana. Razor bumps, from shaving interfered with my looks, and I set out to prevent its re-occurrence. I bought every razor I could find, including the one called “the black man’s razor” made by Remington. I bought Gillette, razors from Germany, Japan, you name it, eventually I got a bump. In 1992, using my journalistic enquiry skills, and my chemistry background, I set out to create a lotion, that will make the black man shave fearlessly, leaving his face as smooth as a baby’s bottom. I used myself as the body for trials, and after many burns and bruises aplenty, I have created the wonder lotion, I call FACE LIFT. Home is now, COLUMBIA,MARYLAND, USA. I smile with admiration, when I meet someone who doubts my magic. Women over 50 with chin hairs and moustaches, are shocked to admit they shave, but I see the bumps. Some use the product NAIR, (designed for legs) on their faces! Oooh! I now have a line of skin care products, for skin and hair. Hurry up and get the magic touch. I guarantee it. Oswald.