Lose Bumps Lose Lumps


My name is Oswald S.  Copeland, and my interest in health and beauty, stretches four decades. It began with my aversion to seafood. I hate the smell when I chew, and could not go past the first chew. So at the tender age of 8, my parents had to find an alternative to feed my brain, to be a success in my studies. The answer became nuts, fruits, vegetables and herbs.

As I got older, I experimented with various combinations, and documented their affects on my body. Health and Beauty grew in importance because of the careers I chose, placing me in front of various audiences and people of repute, be it a government minister, or a musical artist, (e.g. Stevie Wonder, Patti Labelle).

I was concerned that my face had no blotches, dark spots, or more importantly, the black man’s plague: RAZOR BUMPS.

My studies and experiments finally led to my development of what I call, my wonder lotion: FACE LIFT.